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Kids Full Body Massage

kids full body massage

1699.00 1359.2020% Off

# boosting children\'s immune system relaxation easing tense stressed muscles reducing Headaches Anxiety Insomnia Depression

60 min
Toddler Full Body Massage

toddler full body massage

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# massage also helps in stimulating the central nervous system of the baby that releases serotonin and reduces stress

60 min
Full Body New Born Baby Massage

full body new born baby massage

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Full Body New Born Baby Massage ...

# Baby massages have a variety benefits With each gentle stroke your baby will feel nurtured and loved

20 min
Infant Massage

infant massage

899.00 719.2020% Off

Full Body New Born Baby Massage ...

Promoting social emotional and cognitive development.Helping a baby relax and release tensions of daily stimuli Decreasing irritability and excessive crying Reducing gas colic and intestinal difficulties

30 min
Postnatel Full Body Massage

postnatel full body massage

1799.00 1259.3030% Off

Full Body New Born Baby Massage ...

# Postpartum massage is a type of massage therapy used to aid the body\'s recovery after giving birth The massage can help your aching muscles to relax promote lymphatic drainage and may help you to process the emotional side of birth too

70 min
Mother Full Body Massage

mother full body massage

1499.00 1199.2020% Off

Full Body New Born Baby Massage ...

Reduced swelling Many mothers find that their body swells during labor Improved milk production Hormone regulation Reduced anxiety and depression Better sleep

60 min

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